Talk about it! Arolsen Archives now on YouTube and TikTok

The launch of the Arolsen Archives’ new information campaign on YouTube and TikTok was scheduled to coincide with the 84th anniversary of the November pogroms. What does the Nazi era have to do with us today? This question is the central focus of the new YouTube channel “Talk about it! History is now.” Not only does the channel provide answers, it also explores ideas about what all of us can do to combat exclusion today and help create a society that lives and breathes respect, diversity, and democracy.

Talk about it! History is now.” That’s the title of the Arolsen Archives’ new video channel on YouTube and TikTok. It’s part of the #everynamecounts initiative, so we’re using it to reach Generation Z. The aim is to sensitize 14- to 27-year-olds to issues such as antisemitism, racism, and other forms of discrimination and motivate them to get more involved. These two social media platforms were chosen with two aims in mind: not only do we want to communicate with young people as equals, we also want to publish content that will counter the inflammatory right-wing rhetoric often found there.


»›Talk about it!‹ shows how closely our everyday lives are linked to issues that date back to the Nazi era and how important it is for each and every one of us to stand up for our democracy.«

Floriane Azoulay, Director of the Arolsen Archives


Three different formats point out that the reasons for persecution are not a thing of the past and explore what we can all do today to show civil courage and fight discrimination. The Arolsen Archives designed and implemented the concept for the channel together with Berlin agency Goldener Westen. The result is a series of bold, informative, and emotional films that really make you think. Young presenters and guests – including Maria Popov, Frank Joung, and Phenix Kühnert – approach the serious topics from a very personal point of view and manage to create links between the past and the present.


Talk about it,” “Germany vs. The Third Reich,” Nazi German for Beginners


The channel kicked off on November 9, the anniversary of the November pogroms, with a video about Selma Grünewald. The young woman came to the attention of the Nazis because she advocated safe abortions and because she was Jewish.



»Approaching this difficult subject in a lighter way was a lot of fun. Entertaining people while providing meaningful content at the same time was a challenge we found particularly exciting. That’s how we manage to connect the past and the present – without moralizing.«

Daniel Becker, Goldener Westen

Talk about it!” is part of the #everynamecounts initiative

The new YouTube channel is part of the Arolsen Archives’ #everynamecounts initiative and accompanies the new educational program that the Arolsen Archives is making available to schools and other educational institutions throughout Germany starting in 2023. Interactive learning opportunities explore links between issues that affect us today and issues from the past. The focus is on antisemitism, racism, and group-based hostility towards others.

The Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media is providing funding for the educational program on #everynamecounts as part of a set of measures intended to combat right-wing extremism and racism.


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