Which topics are important to us? What goals do we want to achieve? In our daily work, we are concerned with the current debates on racism, antisemitism as well as human rights, and develop new ideas for the documentation and archiving of Nazi crimes. Here, we offer background information on our projects and inform you about our thoughts on current topics.

Open Online Archive

The Arolsen Archives provide an online archive with documents about millions of victims of Nazi persecution. Many experts appreciate this, but some also express concerns. It’s about balancing privacy and the right to knowledge.

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A mammoth project

An interview with Michael Hoffmann, head of the Processes and Quality Management department, about the importance of technical aids and computer-based processes for text recognition and categorization for full indexing by the year 2025.

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Nazi persecution of queer people

Which prisoner categories were connected with the persecution of queer people by the Nazis? There is no clear-cut or conclusive answer to this question. The purpose of this article is to provide a brief overview of the relevant prisoner categories and to highlight problems that may arise when attention is focused on these categories.

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