Here you can find an overview of key topics such as Pride Season or the Olympic Games. 

Pride Season

Here you can find interviews about new research on queer history in the Nazi era, insights into biographies of individual persecutees, and live Instagram broadcasts with activists and experts.

Pride Season at a glance


We present athletes who were persecuted by the National Socialists. They were stripped of their titles and banned from competitive events, such as the 1936 Berlin Olympics. Many were murdered because they did not conform to the Nazis’ racist worldview.

Olympics at a glance

Journalists in danger

The Nazis managed to take control of press and radio within a very short space of time. Even before the Schriftleitergesetz (Editor’s Law) was passed, journalists had become public servants who were dependent on the goodwill of the Nazi regime if they wanted to stay out of danger.

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Persecuted Artists

Artists who were unable to provide “proof of Aryan descent” after 1933 were no longer allowed to practice their profession. This professional ban was also extended to other creative artists whose art did not conform to Nazi ideology. Modern works did not fit into the National Socialist worldview.

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