Clarifying fates and looking for missing persons: for decades, these were the central tasks of the Arolsen Archives. To this day, we answer inquiries about some 20,000 victims of Nazi persecution every year. Our work in the fields of research and education is more important than ever to inform today’s society about the crimes perpetrated by the Nazis. The comprehensive online archive is an essential part of what we do. As an international center on Nazi persecution, we see it as our mission to contribute to debate on remembrance and coming to terms with the Nazi period, political persecution and racism.

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The Arolsen Archives in a nutshell: who we are, our organization, our history.

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Ranging from digitization to tracing family members – the activities of the Arolsen Archives are many and various! You can find out more about them here.

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Here, we offer background information on our projects and inform you about statements on current topics.

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