We are pleased when our posts generate discussions between users, and we welcome your comments and suggestions.

It is important to us that discussions are always open, polite, and respectful.

Please make sure your posts are constructive and do not contain inflammatory language. Do not deliberately provoke others. All citations must be identified as such. Please take care not to violate any copyrights.

Specific rules apply to discussions on all the social media channels of the Arolsen Archives. We will delete or hide any individual posts that violate these rules.

We reserve the right to exclude users from our channels in the event of serious or repeated violations of our netiquette. Users who have been excluded will be allowed to participate in discussions again if they distance themselves from their comments and pledge to adhere to the rules in future.

To enable all users to engage in constructive discussions and to make participation inclusive, the house rules of the Arolsen Archives also apply to our social media channels.


These rules apply on all our channels:

We react immediately and take appropriate action when users deny or relativize Nazi crimes. Appropriate action ranges from reporting the users concerned to social media channels through to filing criminal charges. This type of content will of course be hidden or deleted.

Discrimination or defamation of others will not be tolerated, especially when it comes to their origin, religious affiliation, nationality, sexual identity, gender, or physical condition.

Any statements of an insulting, pornographic, inflammatory, or criminal nature will be hidden or deleted.

As an international institution, we do not respond to demands from users to adapt and subordinate our texts and posts to national narratives and politically motivated language use. However, we do try to give visibility to different perspectives on Nazi crimes and the Holocaust.

In the case of links to external websites, we reserve the right to check the content that can be accessed via the link. If the content violates the rules, we will remove the link concerned.

Advertising will be hidden or deleted, including political canvassing and advertising for political parties. This also applies to claims and conspiracy theories that are disseminated with manipulative intent and are untrue or unsubstantiated.

Posts and comments that are not thematically related to our published posts will be removed.

Bot comments that are part of a campaign (shit storms) will be removed, and their senders will be blocked.



All users are responsible for their posts. 

The comments on our social media channels are public and may be quoted accordingly.


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