On July 9, 2021, the Arolsen Archives are opening a new #StolenMemory exhibit in partnership with the Municipal Cultural Center in Żory and the Żory City Museum.

The exhibition on the Market Square in Żory shows the fate of nine concentration camp prisoners from Poland who were deported by the German occupying forces. The personal belongings that they had with them at the moment of their arrest are held in storage at the Arolsen Archives. The Arolsen Archives launched the #StolenMemory campaign to encourage volunteers to help them search for the families of the persecutees in order to get the mementoes back into the right hands.

One of the cases featured in the Żory exhibition is a very special one: In preparation for the exhibition, organizer Elżbieta Koczar from the Municipal Cultural Center set off in search of the owner of one of the objects who came from Żory and promptly found the family of Wilhelm Winkler. A poster about him has now been added to the exhibition. 

The exhibition will be on display at the Market Square in Żory (Rynek w Żorach) until August 26.

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