How can we create digital educational resources that reach young people and encourage them to engage with history? When we began developing our education hub “and today?” we gave Gen Z a seat at the table.

Our goal is to design educational resources that are aligned with the circumstances of young people’s lives today, their digital habits, and the learning situations they find themselves in. To help us achieve this aim, we are involving schools across Germany in the development of our new digital education hub “and today?”

What kind of content would be interesting? How should the mini games be designed? And how do I learn best? Pupils take part in workshops where they can contribute ideas, discuss them, and give feedback. But our focus on dialog with young people continues when the mini games are already in use. We want to work with them to find answers to questions like these: What options for action do I have today? How can I get involved in civil society?


Students test and discuss the mini game “Belonging: When People Migrate.” (Photo: Arolsen Archives)
Workshops in schools. (Photo: Arolsen Archives)

Workshops with pupils

Schools have been actively involved in developing new digital resources with the Arolsen Archives since 2022. The workshops are aimed at pupils in grades 8 to 13 from various types of schools – ranging from vocational colleges to comprehensives and grammar schools.


Film about a workshop at a school in Hesse and about the participation of students in the further development of our new educational resources “and today?” Arolsen Archives – die Zukunft (in German, broadcast on “hessenschau” regional TV news on 4.11.23)

If you and your class would like to help us develop educational resources, please write to us.

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