On Friday, April 1st, 8:00 pm CET to 9:15 pm CET, Danielle Ford will talk about her Ukrainian grandmother Maria Melnik, who was deported by the Nazis for forced labor. You are welcome to join us!

Danielle Ford will talk about her grandmother Maria Melnik who was born in 1925 in Knyazhyky, near Uman, in Ukraine. In 1942, the Nazis stormed her village and took the 17-year-old to Kiev. From there she was deported to Hamburg for forced labor. Maria had to work in a gas mask factory seven days a week.

After liberation she lived in the Wentorf Displaced Persons Camp and in 1947 was given the option to settle in Britain. Currently, the relatives of Danielle’s grandmother are still living in her Ukrainian village, hiding and hoping that the war will end.

This event will be held in English.

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