Join us for our First Generation Talk with Bernard Offen on Saturday, 14th of May, 1 – 2.30 p.m. (EDT).

Bernard Offen endured the Krakow Ghetto and the Nazi concentration camps of Plaszow, Julag, Mauthausen, Auschwitz-Birkenau and Dachau-Kaufering. Out of over 50 in his family, only he and his two older brothers survived. 

In what Bernard would call his “process of healing”, he returned to Poland in 1981 to confront his demons. Not long after, he would begin his life’s mission of advocacy by spending summers in Krakow remembering, educating and inspiring others.

Through his story, we bear witness to the unimaginable and are moved to face the ultimate question: How could this happen and what then must we do? Bernard is of the last generation to experience the Holocaust.

Join this event on Saturday, May 14, 1-2.30 pm EDT. Bernard is looking forward to your questions.

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