On June 7, 2021, the first #StolenMemory exhibition in Russia will be opened in Moscow by the Arolsen Archives working together with MEMORIAL. The exhibition focuses on the fates of ten Soviet forced laborers who were deported by the German occupiers and later imprisoned in the Neuengamme concentration camp or its sub-camps. All of their personal items were taken from them when they were imprisoned. The Arolsen Archives still have some of these keepsakes in their holdings and are searching for the families of their owners to return the pieces of jewelry, photos and watches.

The Arolsen Archives are cooperating on this exhibition with MEMORIAL, a human rights organization based in Moscow. Among other activities, the organization campaigns for a reckoning with history and for the families of former forced laborers in Russia.

The exhibition is in Russian and will be displayed at the MEMORIAL office in Moscow (Karetny Ryad, 5/10). It will be open to the public until August 15, 2021.

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