We provide booklets on specific topics help to educators communicate historical and political content in all kinds of settings – including schools, clubs / associations, and memorial sites. The booklets are based on documents from the Arolsen Archives. They explore familiar, everyday topics and use a biographical approach to appeal to the widest possible audience.

“Football Players in Focus” is one example. It covers Jewish football players from various European countries who were victims of Nazi persecution. One of them was Julius Hirsch, a successful footballer from Karlsruhe who also played for Germany. He was deported to Auschwitz by the Gestapo in 1943 and was probably murdered immediately on arrival.

Popular, everyday topics like football lower the threshold for learning about history and open up new perspectives on the Nazi era at the same time.


Research- and inquiry-based learning

As well as presenting historical documents and biographical information, our educational booklets also contain explanations and worksheets that promote collaborative, research- and inquiry-based learning.

By working with original sources, students learn skills that are important for independent research, too. In addition, the booklets provide practical tips for organizing project days and workshops.

The educational materials offer all sorts of ways of getting learners to talk to each other and encourage learners to develop ideas for their own remembrance projects. The materials can be used in a classroom setting, but are also suitable for learning groups and educational initiatives in non-formal educational settings.

You can access our educational materials here.

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