The last time Max Glauben saw his parents and his younger brother Heniek was when his family was torn apart forever.

Isaak and Fajga Glauben lived in Warsaw with their two sons until the Nazis imprisoned them as Polish Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto and then deported them to various concentration camps. Neither of his parents survived the Holocaust. Max was 15 years old at the time and was imprisoned in a number of camps, including the Flossenbürg concentration camp, and was liberated on a death march. He emigrated to the USA when he was 17 years old. Now aged 93, Max has never given up hope of finding his brother Heniek because he has no information at all about his fate.

The facts:

  • Alternative spelling: Hiel
  • Born: in Warsaw in 1930
  • Parents: Isaak (possible different spellings include Ajsyk, for example) and Fajga, née Hoffmann (Polish Jews)
  • Brother: Moniek/Mendel/Max Glauben, born January 14, 1928, now lives in Dallas, Texas.
  • Other relatives: An uncle, Aaron Hoffmann, lived in Palestine after the war
  • Last known whereabouts: Lublin, 1943

A new try

To this day, Max Glauben seizes any opportunity which could help him find his brother Heniek or discover information about his fate. Seventy-four years after seeing his brother for the last time, Max is trying again, and he is asking both us and you to help him. With the help of the Polish Red Cross and their American counterparts, we are doing everything we can to learn more about the whereabouts of Heniek Glauben.

A possible scenario

In an interview that we conducted with Max Glauben in March 2021 about his newly published biography, “The Upstander,” he voiced the suspicion that his brother may have been torn away from his parents at the time, possibly to be forcibly Germanized in a German family.

We need your help!

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