The Arolsen Archives have joined the international Combat Anti-Semitism Movement, looking forward to working with the around 280 organizations currently involved, including the American Jewish Committee and the Jewish Agency for Israel.

“The global rise of antisemitic attitudes, incidents and crimes is a major problem that must be addressed,” says Floriane Azoulay, Director of the Arolsen Archives. “It is time for multiple organizations to combine their specific expertise and perspectives in order to effectively fight anti-Jewish hatred.”


Diversity to fight anti-Jewish hatred

The Combat Anti-Semitism Movement (CAM) is a diverse coalition that brings together organizations and individuals in the global fight against antisemitism. The Combat Hate Foundation, which is registered in the United States, gives Jewish, Christian, Muslim, interfaith and human rights organizations the opportunity to introduce their campaigns to a wide audience, learn from one another and generate synergies.

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