The Cabinet Committee for the fight against racism and right-wing extremism announced a whole raft of new measures on Wednesday. In her function as a member of the Committee, Monika Grütters, the Minister of State for Culture and the Media, spoke out in favor of providing funding for #everynamecounts. We are very pleased that #everynamecounts has been chosen as one of the initiatives from the cultural sector to receive funding!

After the meeting, Minister of State for Culture and the Media Monika Grütters explained the important role played by the media, culture, and historical reappraisal in defending both our pluralistic values and our social order and in preventing right-wing extremism. “The memory of National Socialist tyranny is a recurring and painful reminder of what hatred, exclusion, and discrimination lead to. It is essential that we take preventive and sustainable action at an early stage in young people’s development.”


The #everynamecounts initiative of the Arolsen Archives promotes active remembrance of the victims of Nazi persecution by looking at the fates of individuals and building a digital memorial to stand against racism and discrimination. We are extremely grateful for Monika Grütters’ support and are very pleased that #everynamecounts has been included among the cultural projects been selected to receive state funding. We eagerly await the decision on the additional funding, which will go before the German Bundestag for approval as part of the 2021 federal budget.

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