Response to the increasing numbers of COVID-19 infections

The management of the Arolsen Archives have introduced a package of measures designed to protect staff. These steps comply with the recommendations of the Federal Minister of Health.

A large number of Arolsen Archives employees are commuters who regularly travel long distances by public transport. Frequent participation in national and international conferences also involves a great deal of travel. In order to reduce the risk of infection and prevent the spread of the virus, Floriane Azoulay, the Director, and Steffen Baumheier, the Deputy Director, have adopted a package of measures that have been in force since March 9. All the members of the Arolsen Archives team who have the appropriate equipment are currently working from home. Telephone and email availability are not restricted in any way. Unfortunately, it has been necessary to cancel participation in some events, as business travel should be avoided as far as possible. In addition, because of the increase in the number of employees who are working from home, we are also currently unable to look after visitors to our premises in Bad Arolsen. Our permanent exhibition “A Paper Monument” has also been temporarily closed.

However, we do of course continue to answer inquiries. This process is not affected by the precautionary measures described above.

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