In our new media campaign – “Stand Up for Respect, Diversity and Democracy” – the supporters of our #everynamecounts crowdsourcing initiative are making their voices heard. They are raising public awareness of exclusion and persecution through posters in numerous cities and social media activities. The faces of our campaign are personally standing up for respect, diversity and democracy – and they want you to join in. Anyone can share a statement and take a stand!

The extensive media campaign for #everynamecounts will be launched in the week around International Holocaust Remembrance Day on January 27. Under the motto of “Stand Up for Respect, Diversity and Democracy,” we will display posters showing the faces of our initiative – the young people who are helping to build our digital memorial to the victims of Nazi persecution. They all belong to groups that continue to be persecuted and discriminated against in parts of the world today – like Lukas Reussner, who is an LGBTQ activist, and Elisabetha Braude, who has Jewish roots. Their message: Persecution isn’t a thing of the past!


Making #everynamecounts visible

The posters will bring #everynamecounts into the public squares of numerous German cities as well as the digital realm. The young people on the posters want to draw attention to our crowdsourcing initiative in the hope of attracting new volunteers – and they are standing up for democracy and sharing their desire for a diverse and respectful society.

Billboards in many cities

We will be displaying our message for respect, diversity and democracy on numerous billboards in German cities in the coming days. These include Berlin, Cologne, Gera, Wiesbaden and Stuttgart. This presence is made possible by our cooperation partner WallDecaux.

You can help us and make a public statement yourself: Take a photo of the poster from your city, post it on social media and link @arolsenarchives. You are also welcome to send us your statement, which we will then share on our channels. The media campaign aims to encourage as many people as possible to show solidarity with vulnerable groups and stand up for our society.

You can also stand up for respect, diversity and democracy!

The media campaign aims to motivate as many people as possible to express solidarity with vulnerable groups and take a stand for our society. Anyone can easily join in on social media by sharing a statement and making your own voice heard. Take a picture of the poster in your city, post it to Instagram, Twitter or Facebook and link to the @arolsenarchives. You can also send us your personal statement and we’ll share it on our social media channels. The posters are available on our website. And keep following us on social media – starting in February 2022, the campaign will include specially themed weeks for exploring the roots of persecution in the past and present.


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